April Energy

My Story

Hello Beautiful Soul,

My name is April, I'm an intuitive channeler and the author of "Awaken Your Intuitive Intelligence". I'm a Teacher for Intuitives and certified Reiki Master. I'm here to help the next generation of sensitive to activate their intuition. 


I have spent the last decade creating energetic clearing techniques that help my clients grow energetically, intuitively, and spiritually. I am most passionate about helping my clients to discover their intuitive abilities.


My mission is to empower people to find the answers within themselves and to confidently act on those moments of intuition. 

I love Reiki because it connects you to Source energy and balances your energetic system so that you create the life of your dreams guided by your intuition. 


In my intuitive readings, I'm able to channel higher wisdom to discern what your unique intuitive abilities are. From here, I mentor and give support to implement that into your daily life. 

It would be my honor to assist you on your journey.



2021 April Energy